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Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare unlocks all of the secrets you need to develop your unique personal brand, craft your concise elevator pitch and create a board bio and profile that position you as a competitive candidate to impress board nominating committees and score a prized board seat.

Scroll down to see everything this interactive, hands-on, step-by-step course offers based on our 20 years of experience refining our proven process that gets women on boards!



You’re a powerhouse.

With years in your industry and a long list of accomplishments, you’re ready for your next great career challenge. And this time…

You’re ready to take your seat in the boardroom.

The only issue is sheer confusion. You know what you have to do to get there, but nobody has ever given you a roadmap of the steps you need to take to position yourself as a competitive board applicant.

How to become a board member

The truth: Getting a board seat is a completely different process than scoring a senior executive or C-suite role.

And, by not having a step-by-step guide to positioning yourself for board service, you most likely:

  • Research what it takes to get a board seat, but feel dissatisfied with the vague information out there about what board service actually involves

  • Want to start preparing to achieve a board seat but don’t even know what the first step should be

  • Feel that you are not connected enough through your network to uncover and score these board openings

  • Have lots of experience but still feel lost as to how to position yourself as a competitive applicant for board service

  • Struggle to find the exact materials, tools, and documents you need to apply for a board opening

These feelings are very typical, but you shouldn’t let the unknown stop you from achieving the peak of your career. 

Women in Leadership Course - Pulling the Curtain Back

Knowing what it takes to score a board seat can feel like a shot in the dark, even to senior executives.

That’s because, historically, these coveted seats would be filled based on “who you know”...and that network has not always favored a diverse set of candidates.

Now, with new gender and diversity initiatives required by states and corporations, the opportunities for diverse candidates to achieve these positions have increased. Unfortunately, a lack of step-by-step education and mentorship makes finding the “secret sauce” of actually getting a board seat tough to find. 

Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare gives you the exact guide you need to prepare yourself to develop your value-add and then create and all the elements you need to pursue board openings.

By the end of Prepare, you will:

Define your value-add to convey your unique expertise when applying for board openings

Differentiate yourself from other board candidates by developing your personal brand

Prepare all of the board documents you need to position yourself as a competitive candidate using Women in the Boardroom’s proven method

Create and perfect a concise and compelling elevator pitch

Power up your LinkedIn profile to set yourself up for board service and use it as an effective personal branding and networking tool 

Helping candidates score a board seat isn’t new, but showing them exactly how to do it is

Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare is different because:

- 01 -

It’s a Step-By-Step Guide

Instead of just supporting you on your journey to achieve a seat on the board, this interactive experience gives you exactly what you need to do to prepare. No vague “you can do it” phrases, only proven methods.

- 02 -

It’s Interactive

No long-winded lectures here. Every section gives you the information you need, then guides you to complete the task at hand. If you put in the work, you will reap an incredible reward.

- 03 -

It’s Cost-Effective

Get everything you need to prepare yourself for board service without the hefty price tag. This way, you can start getting everything ready even if you're not quite ready to start your board seat search.

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"The Women in the Boardroom preparation process has enabled me to land two corporate board seats…I have been able to position myself as a competitive applicant for board opportunities." - Deb Elam, President & CEO, Corporate Playbook


"After working with WIB, I now have the portfolio of board documents needed and the knowledge of not only who in my network I should connect to but also how to connect to them." - Charla Griffy-Brown, Professor, Pepperdine University’s Graziadio School of Business & Management

About Us

Since 2002, Women in the Boardroom has helped C-suite and senior-level leaders land a seat in the boardroom. By using our tried and true methods for crafting a personal brand, creating board documents, networking, and developing board interviewing skills -- many of our members have scored a board seat (or more than one!) at some of the largest public and private companies in a wide variety of industries.

Now, Women in the Boardroom has taken our 20 years of experience and packed it all into an interactive experience that equips you with everything you need to get boardroom-ready. This first step focuses on creating your personal brand, preparing all the documents you need to submit for board openings, mastering your elevator pitch to network into opportunities, and optimizing your LinkedIn profile to underscore your personal brand story.

It’s time to start your journey to the boardroom alongside the organization that knows how to get you there. 


What's Inside - Board Prep for Women

Episode 1:

Your Story

Develop your personal “brand” and target it to the interests of a board nominating committee. Create your unique story and define your value-add based on your experience, career progression, and key skills. 

Results include:

  • Defining your unique value-add at the board level
  • Discovering what board nominating committees are looking for in the ideal applicant
  • Differentiating your board-ready brand to key influencers and decision-makers


Episode 2:

Crafting Your Board Documents

Position yourself for board service and differentiate yourself from other candidates with strong board documents that highlight your achievements and reflect your personal brand. Women in the Boardroom’s exclusive approach shows you exactly what nominating committees are looking for and helps you craft documents that cut through the clutter.

Results include:

Generating a set of professionally developed board documents that differentiate you from other applicants, including

  • A profile that positions you as a competitive board candidate
  • A compelling board-specific bio 

Episode 3:

Mastering Your Elevator Pitch

Write, perfect and practice your compelling elevator pitch. This way, you can present yourself with ease when using your network to identify board opportunities and speaking to board nominating committees.

Results include:

  • Busting elevator pitch myths that are holding you back
  • Using a foolproof template to only put the most compelling information in your pitch
  • Creating an elevator pitch that is both effective and memorable
  • Practicing and perfecting your elevator pitch until it becomes second nature

Episode 4:

Leveling Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize your LinkedIn profile and learn how to turn it into your super-tool for personal branding and board networking.

Results include:

  • Power up your LinkedIn profile to reflect your interest in board service and shape your story to support your expertise
  • Getting rid of LinkedIn errors that are currently holding you back
  • Optimizing your “about” section for searchability and readability
  • Creating your networking strategy and using LinkedIn to build quality connections 

Instead of Learning, You’re Accomplishing

Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare is NOT another e-learning course. It’s an interactive experience that gives you the necessary insight and concrete action steps you need to land a seat in the boardroom. If you put in the work, you won’t just leave with knowledge. You’ll leave with the exact materials you need to be board-ready.

Who Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare is for

You are: 

  • An accomplished senior leader who is ready to start applying for board openings or a successful professional who knows you’ll be ready in a short time and wants to make board service part of your career path
  • Intrinsically motivated to prepare yourself for this giant leap to the pinnacle of your career
  • Excited by the prospect of landing a seat in the boardroom and fully committed to preparing for it 

"Women in the Boardroom is a source of concentrated information.  WIB helps you think about why you want to serve, what you bring, how to position yourself, and how to utilize your network…I now have a board profile that reflects who I am as a board member rather than as an executive, and I am able to clearly articulate why I want to serve." - Diane Souza, Former CEO, UnitedHealthcare, Specialty Benefits


"As a C-level executive, it was critical to align with an organization that would help me architect my board career and be my partner… Women in the Boardroom is that partner... I strongly encourage other accomplished executives in pursuit of their first or additional board seats to partner with Women in the Boardroom to achieve those goals." - Sharon Egilinsky, Global Business Leader, CEO & Board Director

Getting board-ready takes time and commitment, but so did getting to this point in your career.

Now’s the time to take things one step further and reach the peak of your career through board service.


Start getting ready for board service with Scoring Your Board Seat: Prepare and leave with:

  • A strong personal brand that conveys your unique expertise and professional story
  • All of the professional board documents you need to start applying
  • An expertly crafted, well-rehearsed elevator pitch to prepare you for networking into a board role
  • An optimized LinkedIn profile that reflects your personal brand and demonstrates your board-readiness

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